Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seattle Tea Time

 The weather was a delight this past weekend.
Sitting under the Space Needle was amazing!
Traveling to Seattle to sip tea with many lovers of tea at the NW Tea Festival
there were many opportunities to sit under the sun.
 A large yellow teapot greeted us at the door.
The line was longer than I had ever seen for this festival.
It was pure delight.
 Capturing a moment of sunshine and a visit were these two
tea connoisseurs,  James Norwood Pratt, a story teller and book writer
on tea is on the left.  I always search him out to get my annual hug.
Michael Harney of Harney & Sons is on the right and it was good
to connect with him also and share a story of his dear father, John,
who recently passed away.
 Dewey Meyers, the founder of our WuWo Tea Ceremony group in Portland,
led about 25 people through the ceremony while sitting under the sun.
Attentively listening as we prepared for tea time.
Personally I just was thrilled to sit there under that iconic Space Needle 
and share tea with others; but I must say I was so proud of my friends
from Portland that really shined this year by doing this presentation,
teaching classes, and leading tea tastings.

I will share more this week, so be warned this is just the beginning.
Put the NW Tea Festival on your calendar for the first weekend in October,
if you happen to be traveling or in the area.


Steph said...

Love your photo of the space needle and the fountain, and all of them really. It captures the time well.

Sylvia said...

Since I live in Georgia I may not get to Settle, but it looks like you had an enjoyable time. Thanks for sharing your photo's of this event. Great photo of the Space Needle. Love that yellow teacup,too.

La Tea Dah said...

Perfect weather for a wonderful event! I'm so glad things went well. I enjoyed the first in your series --- and look forward to future posts about tea festival!!!

Rosemary said...

Looks like a great time!

Judith @ Lavender Cottage said...

It would have been exhilarating to see that many people participating in the WuWo Tea Ceremony. I'm glad you had good weather and I look forward to more posts sharing of this event.

Lorrie said...

I've never heard of this event, which is surprising since we live so close by. It sounds like a wonderful gathering of tea-loving friends.

Mary said...

It looked like a marvelous time and the weather held up thankfully.

Received your beautiful books - you really did a great job publishing a little gem Marilyn.
Every tea loving person should buy a copy!

Hugs - Mary

Storybook Woods said...

Love the yellow tea pot, great advertising. Clarice

Jeanie said...

That big yellow teapot is fabulous! And it looks like your entire time was that, too! I can't wait to hear more, Marilyn!