Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Red is the new Black

Tea Time at Delights of the Heart.
Recently I have been drinking Dian Hong from Yunnan Province of China,
purchased at New Century Tea Gallery in Seattle.
I always considered Dian Hong and it's close relative, Yunnan Gold, to be a black tea.
They are both darker than an oolong or green tea and both a lovely smokiness to them.
Reading several articles recently they say that they are a red tea,
well this tea girl learns something new.
Now I know an orange pekoe is black and most often I don't find it as entertaining.
When I find someone that wants to change from coffee to tea I try to suggest
a hefty black tea for changing and they often like a nice puehr.
So when you select a black tea, what do you drink?
Is it truly black?
Since we have a festival celebration this week in Halloween,
what tea would best fit with the occasion?
Is red the new black?


Jeanie said...

I love my orange tea -- black or herbal! And I especially love your bewitching photo!

Laura Morrigan said...

Aw, Spider wants some tea, too! My boyfriend and his dad love Ceylon Orange Pekoe! I love peppermint tea, weak black tea with sugar, peach iced tea and a mix of lemony and pomegranate iced tea!

Lorrie said...

You are so knowledgeable and adventuresome with your tea. I like the standard Earl Grey (Twinings) and Orange Pekoe.

Mark said...

Love the cool/creepy photo, but you probably know I'm a tea guy. I love the fact that you don't just drink seem to experience it. Almost like a wine lover.

Tracy said...

New to me too--these red teas! A full-bodies Assam or Assam-Ceylon blend is a black tea I love best. Of course a nice Darjeeling would work too--the still call it the champagne of teas, I think?! So maybe a good celebration teat?! :o) ((HUGS))