Thursday, October 30, 2014

Worn and Loved

I know it isn't beautiful, but I love it.
It was found many years ago at an estate sale.
My adult children even took it to their house for awhile
and their cat did it in even more.
I put it out this summer for a garage sale, but really hoped
no one would buy it.
It sits in our garage sad and lonely.
I love the shape of it and know it has potential.
It would cost me much more that buying a new chair,
but I love it.
It dances in my head.
I know tea would taste better sitting here.
Dear chair, I am so sorry you have been sent to the garage.
I truly want to rescue you.
I am dreaming of the beautiful chair you could become.
What should I do?


Anne Jeffries said...

omigoodness. fix the springs. give it a good cleaning and then Annie Sloan Paint that chair back to life. You will fall in love all over again.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

If it was mine I would rip off the cover and give it the "Vintage by Nina" or Jeanne D'Arc Living treatment. I would just tack white fabric over it, but you could choose whatever you want. What do you have to lose? So nice to have a visit from a fellow linen lover! J.

Tracy said...

Ooo... think how BEAUTIFUL that fabric must have been once-upon-a-time... You can still it... I love it too! A facelift of news spring and maybe a new plush damask-like purple upholstery? Oh, I can see it! :o) Go for it, Marilyn! ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, I wish I knew how to upholster. I have my own version of the same chair, which is currently covered by a big old quilt I bought at an estate sale. The quilt is pretty but the chair still looks bad. Good bones, upholstery coming out of the cushion. To get it upholstered would be more than the chair is worth. A dilemma to be sure.

Steph said...

Maybe you can just use a base fabric to tuck in and use tacks, then throw lovely quilts over it?

Roselle Quin said...

That must have been quite a looker in its younger years!
But it still can be.

I'm imagining all the possibilities. Oh, do keep it. The day will come when finally, an opportunity to restore it would present itself. It's quite a dame.

Storybook Woods said...

It has great lines, Follow your heart. Clarice

Laura Morrigan said...

I am glad someone else loves dilapidated things! I love old houses that are a bit dilapidated, gardens that are a bit overgrown!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

It's a keeper for me Marilyn - they don't make solid furniture like that anymore.
Go for it - restored and covered in a beautiful linen it will be a fine piece again and a most comfortable one at that!
I hope you tell us what you do!

Angela McRae said...

My first thought? I would do a homemade upholstery job by stitching/stapling/tacking on some of those pretty vintage linens of yours! And I must respectfully disagree with your saying "it isn't beautiful," because I think it is indeed quite lovely because it has great character! ("Good bones," as the decorators would say!)