Wednesday, October 11, 2017

International Adventure in Tea

 Just yesterday I stopped by the Jasmine Pearl teashop
because I had heard Nobuyuki Konishi of Shizuka Farm
in Japan was pouring tea.  We are friends on Facebook.
I stepped up to the tea bar for a cup of tea
and he turned to me and asked about my garden.
I was astounded that he recognized me!
He definitely notices.
 How fun to sip tea with a tea farmer from Japan.
I often drink his Yuzu Black tea and always keep it in my stash.
I wanted to taste more of the teas he grows.
We sipped a green tea, which was very unique;
but since I am not a green tea fan he served a black tea.
You can see the difference above in the two cups.
The black tea is called Miyama Black, a second flush.
large, full leaf tea.
He compared his black tea to a flowery Darjeeling
and yes, I could see that.
But this morning as I sip I would say it reminds
me of the high mountain black tea I drink from Taiwan,
quite a favorite of mine.
Would I buy this tea, DEFINITELY!  It is delicious, rich, a
bowl of exotic flowers!
Now there is more to the story.
Also sipping tea at the tea bar was Jordana from Brazil.
How fun to make new friends over cups of tea.
Jordana is in Portland on a one month internship
all about gardening and has a garden business in Brazil.
Now she wants to come and see my garden.
Both Jordana and I loved the black tea.

This was definitely an international adventure in tea.

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Jeanie said...

How cool is that -- he not only "knew" you on site but remembered your garden. I'm so glad you went by, Marilyn! What a treat for you both.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh how fun you got to sip tea with a tea farmer from Japan and an intern who is interested in gardening. I just had my green tea tonight. If you don't have a liking for it, they sell the green tea with lemon. It's so good. This is a cute picture of you, Marilyn, and I always enjoy your tea posts.


ps....I have some Earl Grey left over from the baby shower, and it's not my favorite, but Nel loves it. How about you?

Weekend-Windup said...

I too have tasted many varieties of tea when we go to hill stations.We also see how the prepare tea and experienced the fresh smell of it.

Jean | said...

Marilyn, what a lovely experience. I'm strictly of the black tea English tradition, but I would have enjoyed branching out a bit with you and the tea farmer!

Mary said...

I just know you were having a wonderful tea experience that day - the photo is lovely.

Bernideen said...

Marilyn: Thank you for sharing you new tea and garden friends! I am sorry to say my computer is in hard drive unhappiness so no blog party this week!

Rosemary said...

What an international gathering! How fun to connect with others from around the world.