Monday, October 30, 2017

Walk with Me - Autumn Delight

You danced for me.
Your colors delighted me.
You twirled.
You spoke to me in the flutter of your voice.
You sang in the softness of a crisp Autumn day.
Autumn you enchanted.
In the crispness of a cold walk down the road,
 my heart sang.
I sang your song with rosy cheeks
and puffs of breathe filled the air.
Autumn, so full of leaves and one last song
before we sleep in the winter and
sip tea by the fire.
One last hurrah before we curl into a quilt,
my walk in the Autumn days.

Keep on walking, dear friends!
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Red Rose Alley said...

I love this Autumn poem, Marilyn. And the picture is fantastic with the leaf in the shape of a heart. It won't be long til winter comes, and thanks for the gentle reminder to savor this glorious season of Autumn. : )


Tracy said...

Oooo... such a HAPPY celebration of autumn in words, Marilyn...this is sooo SWEET!! :) Happy week ((HUGS))

Mary said...

This is lovely Marilyn, and the colors so beautiful - again, I definitely see 'the artist at' work here!

I hope to start a walking program again - I've been so bad about getting out when it was so hot. It's getting cooler now and so pretty in the autumn light - I must put aside things taking up too much time and just get out in the fresh air and do it!

Sandra said...

Linda imagem. Feliz dia. Cumprimentos.

Jeanie said...

Marilyn, this is such a perfect poem to celebrate the season. I love it -- and the beautiful leaf, too!

Joy said...

Lovely poem - our Autumn leaves are finally getting pretty here, the color was late coming this year!