Monday, October 16, 2017

Walk with Me - Round Lake, Washington

Saturday I went walking with a goal in mind.
I was walking with my friend, a photographer,
and her family; but the goal was to take pictures
of my D, grandson, for his parents for Christmas.
We had so much fun!
D was the best model ever.
He had fun!
And he and the photographers oldest daughter so enjoyed
seeing each other, holding hands, and just running and playing.

While D was getting his picture taken,
I was just enjoying the sights as we hiked.

Here we were stopped to listen to what we could hear.
And then D and C had to listen to each others heart.
It was so sweet.

What a fun way to do a photo shoot and a hike with friends.
The weather was perfect.
The sun was shining through the trees.
And the waters danced down the rocks
and splashed with each rock D tossed into the lake.
Are you walking, dear friends?
These posts keep me walking, but then I love to walk too.


Sylvia said...

Those are cute photo's of D. Love to walk in the woods and listen to sounds, haven't done it lately.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such a gorgeous part of the country you live in! I want a forest walk like this every single day. But the closest thing to us is a walk near the river or the open farm fields nearby. The sand hill cranes are arriving, and there are always Canadian geese. I always have to make the time, but there is always such a reward. You portraits are going to be wonderful!

Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, this is beautiful on so many levels -- certainly the countryside, but most of all being with a good friend and your precious D. What a wonderful gift idea. (I hope he can keep a secret!)

Rosemary said...

Perfect photo shoot! What a scenic area.