Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Turmeric Tea, Feeling Groooovy!

 This comic just made me smile, especially since I was sharing 
turmeric tea with you today.  I hope it makes you smile.

When I recently attended the NW Tea Festival I noticed that several
vendors were selling turmeric tea.  Now I had never had any, but
had heard that it was good for so many things like:
Anti-inflammatory, Anti-depressant, Anti-coagulant,
Reduces arthritis pain, Helps gastrointestinal problems,
Inflammatory bowel disease, and lowers cholesterol.
With all those good things I tasted several and most I didn't like.
Chado Tea company had one that I thought was worth
bringing home.   It is called Tumeric Zest and zesty it is.
It is a combination of hibiscus, rooibos, turmeric, orange flavoring
and quite delightful.
Do you like turmeric?
Take turmeric pills?
If so, I can recommend this tea for an added touch to your day.

Funny, but I don't usually recommend herbal teas (tisanes)
as I drink tea with caffeine.  
Just thought I would share something different.
It's pretty in the cup too.


Rosemary said...

Although I haven't tried turmeric tea, when I injured my back shoveling last winter, my sister gave me turmeric tincture she made (much more concentrated than the tea), and that certainly helped with the inflammation associated with the injury. I would imagine with the addition of hibiscus, rosehips, and orange flavoring, the unique flavor of turmeric is masked pretty well! In the photo, the tea appears 'thick'. Is that just an optical illusion?

Red Rose Alley said...

I've ever tried turmeric tea, Marilyn. Now, I'm curious about the taste. It sounds like it has many health benefits. I love this picture of the tea cup. Sometimes plain white tea cups are so pretty, and you can see the delightful tea you're sipping on. I bought a white tea cup and saucer for the baby shower, and I was starting to get attached to it and hoped that no one would choose it for their favor, but someone did. ; )


Karen's Place said...

Hi Marilyn, I had to chime in on your blog post. I've been taking a turmeric capsule and also a ginger capsule daily for almost a year now as part of my daily medicine regiment. I've also found a ROT Turmeric Cinnamon Tea. I let it brew about 7 minutes and add a 1/2 teaspoon of honey in the evenings. It is now a staple. Even took a tin of it to my last Rheumatologist doctor visit to share. I think it's helped me with my inflammation from lupus and related arthritis. My labs have been better, too. Singing the praises of turmeric. IMHO, Karen ;)

Lorrie said...

I've never tried tumeric tea, although I've heard a lot about its anti-inflammatory properties and general benefits to health. The tea looks pretty!

Jeanie said...

I've never tried tumeric but I've heard wonderful things about it's benefits and I think having it in tea that actually tasted good would be a refreshing change of pace. I wonder if there is enough in the tea to be effective? I'll have to look into this one.

Adrienne said...

I have heard the benefits of turmeric and it was recommended to me when I was struggling with sciatica early this year. I researched to know more and discovered that I am one person who cannot take it - it cancels out my blood pressure medication and makes it ineffective. So, I'm on the sidelines sharing everyone else's enjoyment of the herb. I didn't know there was turmeric tea.