Monday, October 23, 2017

Walk with Me - IKEA

It was a rainy week, but I needed to walk.
IKEA is nearby and it always seems like quite a walk
to walk through their aisles; so off I went for an indoor walk.
 Up the escalator to a bin of pandas.
Already I was seeing there were going to be temptations,
but I must keep walking.
Touching was allowed.
 Dreaming was allowed.

 Even spotting tea time along the way was allowed.
 Oh there is Marilyn too!
 But I kept going, following the arrows.
 Nice kitchen.
 One of my favorite things at IKEA,
their red striped towels for 79 cents.
 Does anyone use these french presses for tea?
Just wondering, moving on.
 A pause at the kiddie section.
Love this tent.
 And a soft, plushy smile.
 Light fixtures to delight.
 And even a garden of flowers.
 To end the walk there was Christmas.
 Even Santas wrapped in cushy plastic.
 Now where did I leave my car?
What a fun walk just yesterday with a rainy day.
Where do you walk when it rains?
Oh I resisted any purchases,
even walked through the check out empty handed,
then couldn't resist a few cookies in my bag at the food station.
Cookies you say!  Well cookies are good with tea for
an afternoon break, aren't they?
Just justifying with a smile!!


Rosemary said...

That was fun! The closest IKEA is near Philly, so about 2 hours away. I enjoyed 'shopping' and 'walking' with you! How did you resist all the treasures?

Jeanie said...

I have those towels! How you got out there with nothing is beyond me. Kate and I do our annual Christmas shopping gig there once a year -- coming soon, I think! I can't resist!

Red Rose Alley said...

What a fun tour you had at Ikea. Those plush dogs are too cute, and love those Santa's. They always have cool items to buy there. Oh Yes, tea and cookies is a special treat, indeed.


Adrienne said...

I loved walking through IKea with you. It's time for me to walk through there myself - and perhaps stop and buy something!