Tuesday, October 10, 2017


Just the other day I stopped for tea at Lan Su Chinese Gardens.
As I was walking through the gardens snapping pictures
this first picture just jumped out and grabbed my heart.
With a big intake of breathe the word jumped out, Passages.
It just felt like life and if I stepped through this hole in the wall
I would be in another dimension.
The way isn't always straight and sort of tricky to take the next step.
I took a peek, but didn't step inside.
I turned.
I followed the JOY of another direction,
through another passage that seemed more straight forward and open.
I wondered later, should I have taken the road less known?
What would I have found there?
I followed the straight road
and it brought me here.
We begin life by traveling through a passage
and end life walking through another passage.
Inbetween there are many passages as we grow and learn,
opening ourselves up to become who we are.
Sometimes do you wonder, did I take the right passage?
Did I make the right choices along the way? 
Do you notice what you notice and have your breathe
just catch in your chest with a big intake and a tear,
does it say surprise, think on this?
That was what this time in the garden did for me
just the other day.


Sylvia said...

Lovely post, Marilyn! Yes, I do wonder if I've taken the right passages often in life, but with faith and hope I travel on. You gave us something to think about.

Annie said...

Lovely, Marilyn. And, serious questions couched so delicately. We are passengers in life, passing through from one room to another. There are no locked doors and the choices are ours.

Jeanie said...

How very thoughtful, Marilyn. I think sometimes we always wonder and yet I have no complaints. Your visual interpretation of passages is splendid. What beautiful entryways in this garden!

Lorrie said...

A thoughtful and thought-provoking post. The passages we take have so much influence on our lives.

Red Rose Alley said...

The Chinese Gardens are so pretty, Marilyn. Love those BIG red lanterns. Yes, I think it's good for us to take the road less traveled sometimes. We will come across many surprises along the way if we do. : )


Mary said...

. . . . .and recall that lovely day when you took me through those awesome gardens Marilyn - hopefully we'll do it again in the future. These days the roads are too familiar - I think I need a fresh journey soon!