Thursday, October 5, 2017

What Country does your Tea Come from?

Recently a friend said if she had to choose one country to get her tea
 from it would be Taiwan.  
Have you ever thought about where your tea comes from?
What country would you choose to buy tea?

I know I have friends that say I drink Earl Grey or maybe an English Breakfast tea, but do you know where the tea comes from?

Lately I have been drinking Darjeeling teas. 
 Do you know where Darjeeling teas come from?  
Did you know Darjeeling is a district in India that is having upheaval this year and the pickers have protested by not picking the tea?
It is fascinating as I learn more about tea to also learn
about where my tea comes from and who I am supporting
with my business.

Most of the pickers are women.
I love supporting the women that pick tea.

My favorite tea in the Spring comes from Darjeeling.
My favorite teas other times of the year usually come
from Taiwan or the Yunnan Province of China.

When you buy tea pay attention to where it is grown
and think of those women that pick that tea just for you.
The women in the picture are picking tea in Taiwan.
It was a JOY to stand out there and listen to their voices
as they picked the tea that I would later drink.
Notice what you Notice!


Rosemary said...

Just this past weekend my sister, niece and I enjoyed some lovely Taiwanese oolong teas brewed by Rie using a gaiwan. What a special evening after a long exhausting day!

Jeanie said...

Interesting post, Marilyn. If someone asked me "where is this tea from?" I would probably say, "I bought it in Canada at Loblaws" or "I won it in a blog drawing" or "the grocery -- but you can get this one everywhere!"

You make us think differently!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, how interesting. That must have been a sight to see the women and hear their voices as they picked the tea in Taiwan. What a beautiful picture that is. If I had to choose a country where my tea comes from I guess I'd say England, as English Breakfast is one of my favorites. And I like their special tradition of tea time every day. : )