Monday, October 9, 2017

Walk with Me - Under the Moon

 On the evening of the full moon just last week
I escaped to the Columbia River for a walk.
The sunset touched my heart.
The moon rose from the horizon and I jumped for JOY.

How I love walking along the river on a full moon evening.

A New Dream (Wuski A-Baw-Tan)

I have seen the rain speak
and the wind dance

I have seen the lightening knife
cut the sky

I have seen the hills
at the first light of day
whispering secrets
to the Southwind People's ear

I am happy now
I am no longer thirsty
I dance a warrior dance
I am not sick, I am free!

This night I dream a new dream!
Now, I come to drink the stars!
~Jennifer Pierce Eyen

This poem was found when I visited the southwest earlier this year.
I love the concept of drinking the stars.
I dream of walking under a night sky in the desert one day
and drinking the stars and the moon while sand sifts
through my toes.


Lorrie said...

Escaping to walk under the full moon sounds like a lovely idea. I wasn't feeling too well that night, but I enjoyed the moon from our windows. Lovely imagery in the poem.

Jeanie said...

I was driving when I saw that moon and not able to stop. I'm so glad you were able to capture it in such a wonderful image.

Red Rose Alley said...

My friend, Baili, just did a post about the deserts in her country. She's on my side bar if you want to see some amazing deserts. Your sunset pictures are lovely, Marilyn. And the moon makes them even lovelier. It's wonderful that you like to walk so much. It inspires me too.


Mary said...

. . . . . and that beautiful moon was visiting North Carolina too! We stood outside and were mesmerized!