Friday, October 13, 2017


Did your mother ever tell you not to "Sass"?
Mine did!
Or did someone tell you, you look sassy today?
Two different meanings,
but so much feelings in either word.

It's kind of a funny word,
not one I often use.
I imagine it is me as a young girl
full of confidence
standing strong with legs somewhat apart
a stance that says, I dare you!
That gleam in my eyes that says
I will do damn well do what I want to do.
Ok, that is my alter-ego, Myrtle, speaking there.
But you know that look.
Then later as we grow older
stepping from the beauticians chair
with a flip of the head
and a glimpse in the mirror
we say, look at me now, I'm all grown up.
I have mountains to climb and places to go.
What happens to that sassy girl as we grow older?
Do we lose her along the way?
Or should we embrace her with every step?

Something to think on, dear friends.
Have a "sassy" great weekend!
Joey just peeking out on the rainy day in Portland to send a hello!


Red Rose Alley said...

I think that "sassy girl" has been through and seen much in her day, and she loses the sassy and begins to be humble, which is a really good thing I think. It's good to still remain confident, and I can just see you after the hairdresser stepping out in your new 'do.' That's how I feel when I get some new clothes and dress up for an occasion. : )


Jeanie said...

There are definitely two definitions of sass -- the brat and the fun, sassy, on the ball girl! I get a little bit of both!

Mary said...

Hi to handsome Joey - such a lovely boy.

That looks like a fairground ride sign - we're in the midst of the State Fair right now where such signs must be brightening up the night sky. Shall I go this year? Still thinking - but would go during the day mainly to see the gardens, animals and crafts etc. We are so exhausted from the cottage rehab - and Bob's having painful walking with a knee problem caused by the IT band (hope J is doing well), and I'm not so good either! Oh to be 'fit as a fiddle' and perhaps a little SASSY again!!!!!

Hugs - Mary