Thursday, December 31, 2009

JOY is the word

The past couple days I have been away celebrating
the 90th birthday of my mother-in-law.
It was a wonderful celebration full of joy.

JOY is the word I have selected for next year.
It actually felt daunting when it first came to me.
I thought maybe I would have to go to comedy clubs
or read a joke of the day, but I am beginning to learn
to live with it and realize it is much more.
Interestingly, at the Soulstice party I went to we drew words
for next year out of a bowl and I drew "JOY". I had already
decided on the word and then it was confirmed.

"When you mix lots of happiness
with lots of sadness you get joy"
Jerome Berryman

I wish for you much JOY in the New Year.
I would love to know if you pick a word.


Adrienne said...

And much joy to you, my friend! See you soon! Happy New Year to you and yours. ~Adrienne~

Cathy said...

I wish JOY to you and your family this coming year, joy to us all.

Happy New Year Marilyn. May 2010 be a healthy and happy year for everyone.

Coleen said...

my word is Miracles

Heart Hugs,

Gayle said...

I will have to think on that! Love your word, it's one of my favorites! Have a joyful and blessed New Year!

Rosemary said...

May you have a happy and joyful new year, Marilyn!

Marion Williams-Bennett said...

A wonderful, wonderful word! The image you choose and the 90th birthday celebration are both wonderful starts to Joy! Keep it going!

Best wishes to you for a happy, joyful 2010!


christina said...

joy is so You!
happy new year!

Michael said...

Wishing you all the joy you can hold Marilyn. Happy New Year!!!

parTea lady said...

Joy is a beautiful word for 2010. If I were to choose, it would be PEACE, a thing which I often long for.

Hope 2010 holds much JOY for you.

Angela McRae said...

Oh, how wonderful that you got confirmation about this word! I cannot wait to see where it leads you (and thus, us!) this year!