Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tea in Aspen

Arriving early this morning in Aspen, the carriage picks me up at the airport
and we travel just outside Aspen in the country to a beautiful lodge made out of logs.
The lodge looks out on a lake with the Rockie Mountains in view.
I really don't want to leave to go for tea, but decide to enjoy a casual tea in the lodge.
Still wearing my jeans with a red sweater and snugly boots I stroll through the lodge
to find tea.
The lodge is decorated in a festive celebration of color.
Red jumps out to greet me throughout the holidays.
The lights on the trees just twinkle.

Tea is waiting surrounded by the beauty of my surroundings here at the lodge.
I am wrapped in love like a big woolly blanket.
The snow is beginning to fall.
In my cup is a lovely Christmas White Tea.
Cookies are the perfect accompaniment to tea
and the lodge knew that including Cherry Wink Cookies
would be the perfect touch. They were the cookie my
mother use to make that were my favorites.
At peace, sitting by the fire, watching the snow fall outside the window, and sipping a perfect cup of tea is my dream for each of you this holiday season.
Dream of tea in Aspen, but enjoy quiet moments no matter
if you are in your jeans, a robe, or a beautiful dress with sparkles.

Visit Mr. Toast's First Annual Christmas Tea for more fun
holiday tea events.


Annie Jeffries said...

Hi Marilyn. I've arrived too. shaking off this snow of which I am so unaccustomed. Brrrrr. I need a hot cup of tea.

Lizzie said...


How was the ride in your carriage? If it is still around, I would love to meet you and go for a ride in the beautiful Aspen weather here.

And oh, I am loving your red sweater. :)

Come on over to Mr. Toast's lodge (blog), many guests are arriving and he is looking forward to meeting you!

Michael said...

Ah, my dear Marilyn, I'm so glad I rechecked my RSVP list so I could catch this. Yes, that's the spirit. Snug up by the fire and enjoy those biccies. Adn, btw, love your red boots. Do be sure to stop by and say hello through the day. Perhaps tell us at the Pre Tea arrival (post) how you got here, what you are wearing, etc. Maybe post a link back her for all of us to enjoy. Anyway, I must go but do look froward to saying hello.

I'm adding you to my write up side bar with your latest updates. Thanks so much. Very fun.

Tess Kincaid said...

Nice to meet you. It's delightful in Aspen this time of year, is it not? :^)

Jeanne said...

So very lovely indeed
Love Jeanne♥

The Blog of Bee said...

Isn't this just wonderful?

Time Traveling in Costume said...

Another place I've never been, and would love to. I have my tourist eyes on so let's have a look.
Also am jealous. :D

christina said...

I let your words seep right into my heart. What a beautiful wish, you have placed for us here.

Bev C said...

Hello Marilyn. It is beginning to sound a lot like Christmas. Enjoy your tea. Happy days.

Barry said...

Who knew tea parties could be so much fun! Wonderful seeing you there!

Mary said...

........tea's over but we're now sipping hot mulled wine and nibbling on brandy and rum mince pies.....put those red boots back on and come on over. Nice music playing too.

Baino said...

Ah you've put me in my favourite place I think. My best friend is actually going to Aspen in January while we boil she'll be skiing the piste!

Unknown said...

When you arrived at my door for the nightcap last night, it was so wonderful to meet you. I'm thrilled you enjoyed the salmon. I hope Mr. Toast does this every year. it was such fun.

Michael said...

Thanks for coming to the Tea and being such a marvelous guest. I did enjoy 'meeting' you!