Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Are there days when you feel like you are juggling too many balls?
Seeing these balls that was exactly what I felt.
Oh and they are a heavy load too.
What do you do when you feel like this?
How do you remedy this feeling of being out of control?

Now you know me as the tea lady and yes!
that is exactly what I do.
I lock myself in my office, shut the door,
wrap my hands around a warm cup of tea,
stare into space, and sip.
Try it, it really works.
Take 10 minutes and it will do wonders.


beth said...

as women, i wonder if there's ever a day that we're not juggling.

especially since i think that just when my hands and heart are free from juggling, my head takes over and it all begins again.....


Annie Jeffries said...

I haven't felt like this for a long time. Thank GOD!

parTea lady said...

Yes, my heavy load this week is dealing with my husbands extended work trip to Europe (I'll be holding down the fort). I see many soothing cups of tea in my future. :-)

Mary said...

Hey Marilyn, I'm at the point I want to shut myself in there with you and a cuppa! Was about to leave for the airport to pick up DH but he called to say he missed his connection by 1 minute - they literally shut the gate in his face! So, I now have a much needed time slot to complete some more household chores....and play on the computer, lol! The second option wins right now!

I will have a 4 PM cup of tea shortly, and perhaps add a shortbread finger - need some energy! Then off to the airport and as it will be later we can grab a bite of supper on the way home, fine with me!

Juggling beginning in earnest now - only a week left to get all those balls in the air!!

Hugs - Mary

Jeanie said...

Every single day of my life I'm juggling these days! I'm not sure 10 minutes would help -- but you never know!

Angela McRae said...

I have two major projects I'm finishing up at this very moment, so those balls are exactly what I feel I'm juggling right now! (I took a brief break to catch up with blog friends. Ahhhhh ...)

koralee said...

You are so cute...yes I feel like I am juggling a few of these heavy balls around too....way to much on my plate lately. Tea is the answer!


Karen's Place said...

Ohh, How did you know I was feeling overwhelmed today. You post reminded me of how we as women do juggle so much and most of it is in taking care of others needs. Sometimes we have to close that door and wrap our hands around a warm cup of tea for us. Thanks for reminding me...

Adrienne said...

Some days I wish I could lock myself away and drink tee and stare all day long! Other days just a few moments a little break from juggling is all I need! I'm off to fix tea right now!!!