Wednesday, October 5, 2011

NW Tea Festival

In the shadow of this famous landmark, The Space Needle, I attended the NW Tea Festival this
past weekend.   There was a small display of my Tea Party in your Cupboard and my Marmalady's
sewing patterns for tea lovers.
It was a fun event for tea lovers from many regions of the US.
Some came from the east coast and California, plus many from the Pacific Northwest.
There were tea tastings, speakers, book signings, and classes that included many different subjects
from Pairing Chocolate with Tea to a demonstration on Japanese Tea Ceremony.

It is always fun to taste teas from around the world
and there were some real treats here.
There were four tastings that I participated in:
3 Rare Chinese Teas by Silk Road Teas
First Flush Darjeeling Teas
Indian Teas by Chado Teas
Rare and Obscure Teas

The one tea that I tasted in two of the tastings and was attractive to my palate
was a First Flush Darjeeling called Risheehat Colonal Organic Tea.
It had a lovely floral, spring freshness that was quite lovely.
What surprised me about this tea is that I don't usually like Darjeeling teas,
especially first flush (first picking of the spring); so there is always room
to change the mind and learn something new.  There really wasn't any for sale,
as it is rather rare; but I was able to buy what was left of the sample they brought
and enjoyed it this morning with my scones.


Steph said...

I had a wonderful time, too. And the tastings are always fun. I learned a lot, and met so many wonderful tea friends.

Antiques And Teacups said...

It was wonderful, wasn't it? We always have so much fun and meet so many wonderful people!

Linda Jennings said...

This looks and sounds like a fun event. Did they announce the dates for next year?

Mary said...

Sounds like you had a fun time in Seattle Marilyn. The teas you tasted must have been great - amazing how many blends can be dreamed up to tempt our taste buds. Nothing like a good cuppa that's for sure!

Hope you didn't admonish Joey too harshly for relaxing in your empty bed! What a lovely boy he is, and his future as a writer looks very promising!!

Hugs - Mary

Dutchbaby said...

This looks like a great event for you. I bet your inviting display saw a lot of activity!

I was told that second flush was superior to first flush. What do you think? I bought a second flush darjeeling from Peet's a few years ago and I loved it. Now I'll have to try a first flush...

Jeanie said...

OH, it looks so beautiful -- and that you had a wonderful time, too!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Do they have this in Seattle every year? I'll have to tell my sisters and maybe they can go next year.

Annie Jeffries said...

Along with all the fun, I hope you had great success at your booth.

Angela McRae said...

I love your display for the Marmalady's booth!