Friday, October 7, 2011


The reflection in the mirror reminded me of a day gone by.
A day where I was a child.
Days where I loved to hear stories of the reflection of another.
I would visit our neighbors, Mr. Elder and his two sisters.
We would climb the narrow, windy stairs to his special room full of books,
a wood burning stove, and a jar full of candy.
He would share stories of a time gone by.
A time spent living in San Francisco during the earthquake of 1906.
Oh the images he would create.
Then it was back down those stairs where his sisters would serve tea in the parlour.
The parlour was full of windows, more books and stories.
There usually were fresh cookies from the oven and beautiful cups of tea.

As a child I loved the experience of visiting with these three,
but not until now have I realized what a treasure they were.

Do you have memories from your childhood that you treasure now?


Jeanne said...

Blessings and much love

Laurie said...

My favorite childhood memories were of visiting my grandmother. The upstairs was like a whole other world, filled with many things from the past. Me and my siblings were allowed to go up and play among the many things that told a story of life growing up in her era. The old wind up phonograph and her collection of records which we played, antique sewing machine, many bird cages from when my grandfather raised birds, and many more treasures to go through. There was the room my parents slept in when they were first married in the 40's, and the bed still made as no one used that room after they moved out. I still remember the scent of the upstairs, like an untouched attic, as no one went up there anymore. The crocks of cookies on the cold staircase at Christmas time. Grandma's house is long gone now, the victim of a sprawling industrial park. You've brought back so many nostalgic memories Marilyn, thank-you!

parTea lady said...

Your photo is lovely. My memories of childhood are dim, but I do remember a few of the special family gatherings at Christmas and Easter.

Unknown said...

Yes! Mostly of Christmas. Loved getting up Christmas morning with hot tea and presents!!!!!

Mary said...

I loved visiting my Grandma - always on Sat. around noon after the childrens' movies at the cinema just down the road from her flat. She would always have soup and a crusty roll waiting for me.

I recall I always loved visiting other older people too - sweet spinster sisters Violet and Ivy who were good friends of my mother, the LeMessurier family at the bottom of our hill who always invited us for sherry (my parents!), and had a little present for me, on Christmas morning!

I'd like to think young people enjoy visiting me now and again - I have plenty of stories and goodies to share!

Thanks for the memories Marilyn!

Hugs - Mary

Steph said...

Your writing evokes a very vidid image for me!

Jeanne said...

Every moment of my childhood is magical and most memorable.
Thanks for all you share.
Love you

Sheila said...

I was a child who liked her own company, but I always enjoyed talking with elderly people, and hearing about the past.
I still do.

somepinkflowers said...

loved that U did this--->

''''the narrow, windy stairs
to his special room full of books''''


of my best childhood memories included books...
my granddaddy's collection
of National Geographic Magazines...

well, don't U know
i folded out the 4~colour maps
that came with them
made little tents
for my dollies...


Relyn Lawson said...

I have a truly terrible memory, so I don't exaggerate when I say every memory I have, I cherish. They are rare and incomplete.

Jeanie said...

How amazing to hear stories of the 1906 earthquake from someone who was there. Yes, they were indeed a treasure!

Angela McRae said...

Beautiful post and image! Funny, but some of the things I treasure now are memories of working in the garden as a young girl and playing at our home out in the country.