Thursday, August 9, 2018

Longing for Adventure!

 Have you ever been reading and one word, 
yes just one word, hits you in your heart? Recently in a magazine the word "longing" just jumped out and grabbed me. 
What does it mean: yearning, strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant: filled with longing for home. an instance of this: a sudden longing to see old friends.

For me longing means adventure!
I long for adventures.
I longed for adventure even as a child,
to travel to places yet unseen,
or climb the highest tree,
or take off on my bicycle and travel as far as I could go.
Right this moment my longing is to travel.
To tell you the truth it doesn't much matter where,
but just to go, see, savor, learn, and embrace whatever there is out there.
I have thought long and hard about travel.
Where would I want to go?
Well I do love France, yes I do!
But I love other places too.
Places yet unseen are beckoning me,
maybe Cuba, the east coast of the US, Belize, Alaska,
Greece, Turkey, India, China, Japan, Ireland, more of Spain,
Portugal, Slovenia, do you get it?
I want to see it all. 
Don't get me wrong, I have loved all the travel I have done.
But still!
It is the longing in my heart, adventure!

What do you long for?


Adrienne said...

We planned to spend the whole summer in Alaska but several things made it clear that we should postpone that trip until next year. My heart longs to get away and have some adventures - so we took a day trip to the Oregon Coast last Sunday in search of a break and time away. Soon we will head to another part of the coast to meet up with very dear friends from out of state. I long for adventure and travel. Sounds like we're both longing for much the same.

Red Rose Alley said...

I long to be close to my children and grandchildren, and we're trying to make that happen soon. I hope you get to visit the places you long for, Marilyn. I love this picture of you in France. What type of field is that? I really don't have a yearning to travel, I'm more of a home person, but I get to see all my daughters' travels, as this is so important to them too. : )


Lorrie said...

The world is so immense, with so much to see and experience, that it's hard to make a choice. Like you, I've always longed for adventure, and have experienced some, for certain. Europe calls to me - I'd love (and plan) to explore more of it. More of my own country, too.

a rich tapestry said...

I love the picture of you in the lavender (?) fields in France. I would love to see more of the UK. I read about the visits my blog friends make and wish I could be there too, but I have to come to terms with the fact that this won't happen as we get older and travelling is more difficult for my husband and myself. I'm content that we can get to our home in Italy several times a year. We have had many adventures driving around Europe and living in Italy. I have photos and happy memories that were part of family life at the time.

Tracy said...

"to go, see, savor, learn, and embrace whatever there is out there"... love that, Marilyn! I wish we could travel more too. Expense is our big obstacle sometimes, as is wanting to visit my family, who are 1,000 of miles away, so sometimes that takes the travel priority and funds. I would love to explore the UK more, as that is my heart-home. I've always wanted to see Italy, and Japan... Maybe someday! I hope all your travel dreams come true! :))) ((HUGS))

Linda deV said...

I want to walk the Camino de Santiago. I have wanted it for 15 years. I finally am free to do so but I am afraid of a number of things but also afraid that I will not conquer my fears and miss the opportunity.

Jeanie said...

Longing is a wonderful world. I, too, long for travel and though grand travel is coming up, there is much more on the bucket list!

thel day said...

I too long for travel. I'm travelling this week across Canada to visit my son in Vancouver. Also in Sept. I'm travelling to London. It will be my first time crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I haven't travelled much in my lifetime. I often dream of Paris, and other exciting places. I love your pic in Lavender fields..