Tuesday, January 8, 2019

A New Teahouse in Town

 Have you started to step in a door to a new experience and because
it frightened you a little or scared you a lot, you turned and walked away?
Sunday that happened to me.
As I started to step into a new teahouse in town there 
was a sense of having been there before.
It rather took my breathe away!
I was remembering another time some years ago when I was in Paris.
I was walking alone with my trusty map and came to the Shakespeare and Co.
bookstore. I had heard they had a tearoom, so when I asked they told me to go up
the stairs and I would find it.
I climbed the stairs to the top.
There were two doors and only one was unlocked, so I opened it.
It was rather dark, but I could see people sitting around on the floor drinking tea
and reading poetry. They invited me it, but I declined.
I have always regretted not entering and drinking tea with them.
 So I entered the door at Enthea Teahouse Sunday afternoon.
They were having their grand opening and it was packed.
What I immediately noticed was I was the only white hair lady there.
There were dreadlocks and gorgeous young adults everywhere.
Soon I was face to face with the owner and one of the guys that was helping him out.
My mouth opened and I even said something intelligent,
at least I think I did.
 I glanced a chair nearby and sat.
Soon someone I knew joined me and we sipped tea together.
The conversations around me intrigued me from babies to smoking salvia.
Ha! I felt like I had stepped back in time, 
to a time when I lived in San Francisco and walked with the flower children
in the Haight or that time finding the tearoom at the book store in Paris.
 The tea of the day was ripe puerh, all good.
The little teapot enchanted me.
Sitting there sipping tea delighted me.
Will I go back?
Yes, but on a day that I can quietly sit and sip.

Enthea Teahouse
3533 S.E. Milwaukie Ave.
Portland, Oregon
owner: Steve Odell


Jeanie said...

Yesterday my massage therapist and I were having a discussion about how there is a lot of white hair out there (church, the symphony, the theatre, even the 400-mile Dalmac bike ride Rick does) and less of -- well, younger people. I would think tea rooms would fall into this category too. So I'm really thrilled that there is a booming market for a tea room that is CALLED a tea room! It sounds like a wonderful experience. Maybe if I ever get to Portland, we can go there (and the one you took Rick to as well!)

mamasmercantile said...

How wonderful that it provoked so many happy memories. Best wishes for the New Year.

Rosemary said...

What an intriguing experience! Each picture more enticing than the previous one. Fun!

Mary said...

What a great story of your unexpected tea room visit! I wish there were more here. Even in Britain, where they were once profuse, it's often hard to find one these days. As a child in England we went out for tea sometimes, including 'high tea' which included a hot dish such as Welsh Rarebit - served a little later than afternoon tea - in place of supper. This when perhaps heading to a theatre performance or something like a meeting going on at school.

Your Paris experience was different - I wish you had stayed too and could share what was happening in the Shakespeare & Co. attic!!!!

Mary x

Jean | DelightfulRepast.com said...

What a lovely experience! And a good sign that tea rooms can continue. Love your "road not taken" (tea not taken?) account.

a rich tapestry said...

You're very adventurous Marilyn and as a consequence you've had some interesting experiences.
I like to meet a friend and go to different cafés or tea rooms locally or in town. The opening of the teahouse was a good opportunity to see what it was like and meet some new people who appreciate tea drinking.

Tracy said...

What a WONDERFUL story, Marilyn! I'm glad you were brave...and TRUSTED... sitting on the edge of your chair for this new tea experience. I hope next time, you'll be able to lean back more comfortably... and share more stories with us. :) LOVE that teapot with the almost wood-like handle... Is it wood??!! ((HUGS))

Tea Vibes said...

this place looks so cute. what's your fav tea of the moment? it's been so rainy and colder than usual in LA (colder than we are used to at least, hehe) I've been addicted to vanilla cream earl grey with a splash of milk and a little stevia. :)