Thursday, January 24, 2019

Moroccan Style Tea

 Continuing the occasional series of tea in different
cultures and made different ways.
from the Cultured Cup teashop in Dallas, Texas:
In Morocco, mint tea is drunk throughout the day, and especially during and following meals because it is said to aid with digestion.  In Moroccan culture,  the head of the household typically prepares this tea. It's believed tea was first introduced to Morocco in the 12th century B.C. by the Phoenicians who settled in northern Morocco. No business deal can be closed without a cup of tea. After a typical Moroccan dinner, dates and nuts are often served and accompanied by tea.

Now when I stopped by the shop with the beautiful Moroccan teaware they were serving
a Turkish black tea. I was told sugar is most often added and then the black tea poured in.
I had always heard of the mint tea, but now I find there is black tea too.
The tea I sipped was grown in Turkey and quite strong.  
I have always been fascinated by the jewel tone tea glasses,
aren't they pretty?
The brass teapot is stacked one on top of the other is from Turkey.
You boil the water in the bottom, then steep the tea in the top pot.
The tea is steeped for 10 to 15 minutes, then served in these beautiful tea glasses.
 Thanks to Indigo Traders in Portland, Oregon for allowing me to
take pictures in the store and giving me a glass of Turkish black tea.

If I had room in my cupboard a set of the tea glasses would have
come home with me.

Happy weekend, dear friends! 
Keep on noticing what you notice
and sipping tea.


Jeanie said...

I have simple tea tastes. Mint tea. Constant Comment. The occasional Earl or Lady Grey and when forced, English Breakfast. The others, take or leave. (I do like Ginger Peach or ginger teas, though.) So why do I have SO MUCH TEA!!!

50 and counting said...

Been to Morocco and had two versions of mint tea. One that was pure mint and the other was mint blended with a black tea.

Unfortunately, I contracted food poisoning there and wound up off work for the better part of two months!

a rich tapestry said...

Those Moroccan tea glasses are very pretty. I like the jewel colours. I often give the impression that I'm a coffee drinker as that's what I often choose when out and about, but at home I like my cup or mug of tea! I love mint tea and ginger tea, but I expect the Moroccan tea given in hospitality is made of fresh mint or tea leaves.

Red Rose Alley said...

I have a blog friend who loves these Moroccan glasses. They're so colorful and pretty. The Turkish black tea sounds delightful. These glasses are all different in their own way, but I have to say that blue one really got to me. : )


Zaa said...

Your Morrocan glasses are so beautiful ... I love all kinds of tea, but it would be especially nice in one of these glasses...Hugs

Tracy said...

This is such a fun and educational series, Marilyn... I do so enjoy it! I've always loved those beautiful guilded glasses they use for tea in the Middle East...and how lovely their customs surrounding tea. I thought that mint as the main tea drunk... but so interesting with the Turkish black tea! How was the tea?! I like the idea of a little mint mixed in black tea... ((HUGS))

Mary said...

I recall the glasses (pretty ones like these) of mint tea served to us in Tangier at a little harborside cafe when we disembarked Queen Victoria - very strong and the glasses stuffed to the gills with fresh mint - not our favorite cuppa - but the man was very nice and we enjoyed chatting with him. It was raining and a bit chilly so at least we were warmed up for the hilly traipse to the Medina to view the Sunday market. All very interesting. We have a port stop in Morocco again later this year - will see Casablanca this time, but may look for a different drink, haha!