Monday, December 9, 2019

Garden Quotes 2019

A book I began reading last Christmas and have continued this Christmas is
Nigel Slater's, The Christmas Chronicles.
It is a recipe book with wonderful stories of this time of year.
I am thoroughly enjoying it with my morning tea.
This morning's quote comes from this book
and hope it gives a glimmer of what his stories are like.

"Winter gardens hold a spell all of their own. Roses frozen in bud, beads of glassy dew on the leaves of the hellebores, orange berries peeping from beneath a layer of sugar-snow. Today is the first morning cold enough to demand a sheepskin. There is plenty of work in the garden, medlar and chestnut leaves to sweep; a wayward rose bush to tame with the secateurs, bulbs to plant. It feels late to be planting tulips but I know others who leave it later. This year I plant Cairo, a soft orange-scarlet, like a tulip painted by Ambrosius Bosschaert, a tulip whose scent in early spring carries the sweetness of wallflowers. I plant them a good eight inches deep into the old green copper on the terrace. And idea borrowed from Sissinghurst. I dust the bulbs with chili powder and cover them with netting in an attempt to thwart the light-fingered squirrels."

"The time is right for a cheap, cold-weather potato supper."

A bit longer than usual, but hope you enjoyed it.
It does give one thought on the winter garden
where my roses are indeed frozen now. 
And I might just need to have a baked potato sort of supper soon.


Tracy said...

Hi, Marilyn! Sooo GOOD to catch up with you here! Somehow I've missed reading this book... must remedy! "The time is right for a cheap, cold-weather potato supper." YES! Spicy baked potato wedges with a dip come to mind... or, maybe potato soup... mmm... LOVELY photos, these--magical! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Jeanie said...

A cheap, cold-weather potato supper. That's perfect. We might be in for a few of those nights coming up.

He's a remarkable writer -- I loved this quote and not too long for me. Says it all!

Lorrie said...

I'm reading a few pages of the Christmas Chronicles when I have time. Lovely descriptions of winter gardens, cozy home comforts, and delicious food!

Red Rose Alley said...

I guess I was thinking the same thing - bought some potatoes at the store this morning. Baked potatoes sound good in this cold weather. What a lovely tulip picture. The Christmas Chronicles sounds delightful. Enjoy the beauty of the season, Marilyn.