Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Word for the Year

 Celebrating the light in me this past March with a dear friend.

This year my word(s) were Trust the Adventure
Some years the adventure is a difficult one
and this just felt like that.
I wasn't sure I saw the results of it
until in one day this fall two different people
commented that I looked like I was on an adventure.
Sometimes life adventures don't reveal themselves
except in small ways and then only if we really
open ourselves to notice.
When I received those comments I saw it,
I saw the life adventure I was on and wrapped myself
in it's JOY.

Next year my word is LIGHT, which I am very excited about.
There were many words that came along, but they just didn't feel right.
Then as I reflected on Winter Solstice I thought of the light.
I thought about paying attention to the light in my photography.
I thought about the light within me.
I started noticing the word light in things I read.

The last line of the last book I read in 2019:
"the light shimmered, settled, held."
~author, Nora Roberts 

May the light shimmer for each of us in the new year.
May each of us be blessed beyond measure. 
May each bump in the road bring us more fully into the light.
For we must let our light shine in a dark world.
Delight in the day and SHINE.
The light will guide us.
The light will teach us.
And the light will shine upon us.
Notice as the light surrounds you.
Embrace it.

Yes, light will shine for each of us in 2020!
I just know it!
I also read just today to focus ahead and you won't
notice the shadows.
I see the light in this picture and will focus there.
Looking forward to sharing the adventure with you in 2020.


Adrienne said...

It will be interesting to see how your word plays out in the coming year. I haven't yet settled on a word for the new year. I'm praying about it and listening to see what my heart tells me. Happy New Year to you, my friend.

Mary said...

Dear Marilyn - I like your choice of the word LIGHT for the coming year. I hope it shines brightly around you and your love ones every day, bringing good health, happiness and much joy.

Lovely photo of you, your friend, and that pretty petit four with a Birthday candle!
Happy New Year.
Love, Mary x

Laura said...

I love your photos and your word choice for 2020. I had a hard time picking one (I haven't done it in years) and thought it would be one thing, then today I settled on another.
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your positive comments...they are inspiring. Thanks for sharing YOUR light!

Red Rose Alley said...

The word LIGHT is perfect for the new year, Marilyn. Yes, you said it best here.....For we must let our light shine in a dark world.

Happy New Year! I hope the light shines in your all year long. What a wonderful post. : )


Linda P said...

Light is a wonderful gift. May there be much light within and around you in 2020 and may each day be blessed with peace and love. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones!

Jeanie said...

Light is a terrific word. We'll all need to be looking for it in 2020, I think -- the world seems a dark place. But if we can find the light in ourselves and others, we are on our way to a good place.

My word is Home. Focusing on all things home -- meaning physical space like the house and cottage but also the "home" of me -- body, mind and soul. We'll see how it goes.

Thank you for the card that started my day so brightly this morning. Happy New Year!

Tracy said...

This is LOVELY, Marilyn! and I love this--"small ways and then only if we really open ourselves to notice." I think that is so true... the small things, taking the time to notice. So much of life can fall into that--the small, the time to notice things. LIGHT is a beautiful word to carry into a new year, and can encompass so much! LIGHT can be so many things! Looking forward to seeing our journey with, toward and into the LIGHT! ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

Love your inspiration!