Friday, October 8, 2021

Searching for Autumn

 In the past week I have found Autumn. Have you found it? I love searching for a new season and Autumn didn't disappoint.

The temperatures here in the Pacific Northwest have become cooler and rain has been in the air. I have shared my favorite apple orchard before. I go in the Spring for blossoms and Autumn for apples. I was a bit late and the apples were gone, but still I enjoy visiting my favorite orchard on Sauvie Island.

I had not noticed the sink sitting by the barn before, but just loved that it was there to wash our hands.

Autumn didn't disappoint with touches of color here and there.

The old oak tree was still standing in the field as I drove by.

And a field of yellow pumpkins. I am not sure I have seen a yellow pumpkins before. The orange ones were further back. Can you see them?

And there were flowers along the road in many places, but I always smile when I see them filling the back of this old truck.

Then before it is too cold my friend, Steph, came for tea in the garden house.
How lovely it was to sip tea, nibble some fruit, scone, cucumber sandwich, and a veggie sandwich that Steph added to the tea time.
The veggie sandwich came from Bruce Richardson's teatime recipe book called The Tea Table, page 45, Falling Leaves Tea Sandwich with beets and carrots. It was delicious.
We sipped two different teas:
Jin Jun Mei oolong from Wuyi Origins
Osmanthus oolong from GrassPeopleTree

Both of the teas were extra special and delicious.

I served Jin Jun Mei British style and then the Osmanthus Oolong was served from a gaiwan. Have you had tea served from a gaiwan or Asian small pot?
To decorate the table I picked Autumn colors from the garden.
Steph knows that I often wear pearls to honor my mother at tea; so she wore her pearls.
I didn't have my pearls on, but I had a vase my mother received many years ago as a wedding gift. The vase was my nod to my mother having tea with us.
Do you sometimes give a nod to someone special when you are doing something they would love. My mother would have loved sitting at this tea table.

Yes, I did find Autumn this week and am enjoying it immensely.
Happy Autumn weekend, dear friends!


Lorrie said...

You certainly found autumn beauty in a number of places. What a lovely tea time to share with a friend. For Thanksgiving this weekend I am using linen napkins given to my mother-in-law many years ago, and will think of her.

Linda P said...

It's good to return to familiar places that are meaningful and to see that everything is in order whilst noticing new things. I like the wild flowers and those other flowers in the old truck. Having a companion come over for tea must be a happy experience. I look forward to visitors. Our grandson is coming for a visit soon on his way back from a visit to the other grandmother in York. Such visits are precious.

Rosemary said...

Love your autumn adventures! This is a favorite time of year - cooler weather, colorful leaves, spicy treats. Looks like your garden party was extra special!

Red Rose Alley said...

How wonderful that Autumn has arrived in your neck of the woods, Marilyn. The apple orchard is always lovely to see, and I bet it's even more charming in person. You had a quaint tea time with your friend, and the table setting is so pretty. I especially noticed the soft colored rose. It was nice gesture to put out your Mother's vase and think about her during this special time.


Mary said...

Such an inviting tea time - you are so good at that Marilyn and anyone sharing the delicious nibbles in your lovely glass garden house is so lucky!
Pumpkins are late arriving here at my house, however we are planning a trip to the farm later today when it dries up and hopefully the sun pops out. I've a little less pain already after just two days of exercises for my leg - hoping it will continue and I can move around more easily, especially by next weekend!!!
Thinking of you and wishing you safe travels.
Hugs - Mary

Jeanie said...

Yes, I do that -- a nod to someone special. This looks lovely and so does your table. I'm so glad you found autumn.