Monday, August 15, 2022

A Gift for You - A Flower and A Poem

 I am not sure the following words would be considered a poem or not. I shared them with my tea group yesterday and they said it was a poem. The words are not mine, though I wrote them down from a time of meditation with tea people on zoom not too long ago. I hope you enjoy the words and thoughts that come from those words.


In touching the earth:

We practice tenderness

We find confidence and compassion

We are one with all

We are someone with enough peace and joy to share with others and live in a meaningful way


We pour the water, it comes to us and sustains us

We are fortunate to fill our cups as we pour and serve

When we drink the tea we can visualize the entire universe

We sip life and nourishment.

We are with the tea


We claim aspiration and acknowledge it.

May the poor find wealth

And the forlorn find hope.


Walk slowly when leaving with gratitude and love for what this day has been.

A glimpse of me, touching the earth and sipping tea outdoors.
Sending love and thankfulness for you.


Jeanie said...

I agree, Marilyn. It IS a poem. And the words are beautiful, each and every one.

Linda P said...

A lovely photo of you Marilyn and thank you for the greetings of love sent to us your blog friends. I can imagine the special time together as you communicated with your friends by zoom. The words shared are meaningful - soothing and comforting.

Rosemary said...

Sending love right back to you! You look so beautiful and so happy in your photo. Thankful for your long distance friendship!

Laura Morrigan said...

A beautiful poem!