Friday, August 26, 2022

Hidden In Plain View

On my retirement from the work force I picked up my "big girl" camera. I had never been the picture taking person in the family. It opened hidden treasures beyond my imagination. It called me to walk down avenues yet undiscovered and to look for the little things in life, the things that delighted me.
I started walking in the alleys of my neighborhood, choosing different directions to go. I found herb gardens, beehives, and orange doors too. 
I wondered what others found when they walked the alley behind my yard. So with camera in hand this week I walked the alley behind my house and this is what I found.

I walked in front of my house and peeked through the plum tree. I spied flowers blooming there. The dappled light did delight me too.

And walking by the sea, as the tide rolled out, I found sea anemone trying to survive until the water would return and they are once again be out of sight.

Several years ago I walked through the apple orchard by my sister's home. I was taking pictures of the apples. On later looking at the picture it revealed to me corn growing there.

And finding a secret garden through a garden gate in springtime, flowers abound and touch my heart with a smile of joy.

It is like a treasure hunt to carry my camera and notice what I notice.

A smile always sits ready to burst and my heart dances with joy.

Do you love finding small treasures hidden in plain view?

Go out this weekend and notice what you notice!

Happy weekend, dear friends!


Linda P said...

Even though we moved to Yorkshire on retirement there's still new places to explore. I like your idea of taking your camera and looking around your neighbourhood, noticing little details in your surroundings and taking snap shots of things that interest you. Your photos are interesting.

Jeanie said...

Isn't it amazing, the places that we walk by all the time and don't really notice all that much? I love each of these photos, showing places close to your heart -- and in many cases, to your home.

Red Rose Alley said...

I love how you find so many treasures hidden on your walks, Marilyn. The apple orchard photos always warm my heart, they are so charming. That orange door is pretty cool also. Keep noticing all the beauty around you, Marilyn, and in those hidden places, you may find pleasant surprises. ; )


Lorrie said...

I was never the photographer in the family, either, until digital cameras appeared. Like you, I love to walk with my camera and see the world through a smaller lens that often reveals much. I love how you share your world with us, those quiet, out-of-the-way places that are full of beauty.

Laura Morrigan said...

I love finding things to photograph, too! Mostly flowers and trees, but it is always nice to capture a memory!