Thursday, April 11, 2024

Tea Bag Art

A few weeks ago I stepped into the frame and gift shop called, The Framer's Touch in Forest Grove, Oregon. Now I went there on a mission. I had heard they had a tea bag art show every April and I thought "wouldn't it be fun to have the owner come and speak in my tent at the tea festival this coming July". I did eventually get either the owner or the shop manager to come speak this coming summer, but it ended differently than I thought it would. As it turned out, they asked me to participate in their teabag art show as both a vendor and participant. What we decided was that I would be part of their presentation at the tea festival this summer. So we will be working together on this.

In the meantime, I enjoyed meeting the artists that participated in their art show and was able to promote the tea festival. Oh, and I sold a tea cozy too.

It was a fun day just visiting with people as they came to the opening day of their teabag art show. And Yes! All the art in these pictures had teabags incorporated into them.

I was particularly fascinated by the feather. The teabag was adhered to something like contact paper, then embroidered.

The one with the teacup was actually a ceramic cup and saucer cut in half.

There were several that had birds and now I want to try painting a few birds.

The top right one was the only one painted by a man. He had two entries. He wanted larger teabags, so ordered them special for the show. The paintings were very fine. The waves on the bottom left were made with crumpled up teabags. Sorry my pictures aren't better, but it intrigued me on how each person translated teabag art so uniquely.


This one was created by the shop manager. It was very creative. She used the teabag to also paint with and then made them into flowers, skirts and ruffles.


This was my entry, which seems rather simple after seeing some of the other creations.

Mine all go on cards, but I framed this one for the show. The woman that bought it was thrilled. 

I started painting on used teabag paper during the pandemic, as a creative outlet. I hadn't used my watercolors or paint brushes for a very long time and it felt really good to do so. I continue painting every week now and thoroughly enjoy it. Yesterday I started painting two birds. I am having fun with this creative outlet.

What are you doing for a creative outlet?

The main thing is just to have fun!!!

Have a great weekend, dear friends!!

Sending love, Marilyn



Jeanie said...

I love your teabag art, Marilyn, and I treasure every card! You do a magnificent job and I'm glad you were part of this exhibit. There are some remarkable pieces there, beautifully done. I especially like the quilts you shared in the first photo but there are so many lovely ones. What a fun event -- and lucky for both you and the upcoming tea fest, too!

Rosemary said...

The creativity demonstrated at this exhibit is simply amazing! Your tea bag art is a real treasure, and I cherish the ones that I have. But I would certainly enjoy examining some of these a little closer to see how they incorporated the tea bag into their art work. Simply amazing what can be done with creativity and talent! How exciting to hear that they will participate in your tea tent this summer.

Red Rose Alley said...

Some of these tea bag art pieces are very cool. It's nice that you found a project like this to work on. The tea bag art show sounds like it was a delightful outing. To answer your question, I guess my creative outlet is photography. I love to step in nature and take pictures of flowers, birds, trees, and animals. It gives me such pleasure doing so.

Have a lovely Sunday, Marilyn.