Friday, April 19, 2024

Tulips - 2024


There was some Spring rain and threatening sky, but still an adventure to the tulips fields delighted my soul.

The rows of flowers was like the rainbow, but on the ground.


It was hard to pick a favorite, but I tried.

The soft yellows were one of my favorites.

But who can resist the bright colors too.

Just south of Portland is the Wooden Shoe Farm. Each year I say, "this is the best year yet".

I think these soft peachy/pink ones were also my favorites.

Who doesn't want to climb on a pink tractor?


It was a bit muddy; so I walked carefully. I was glad I wore my mud shoes.

But who can resist visiting a field of tulips, even on a rainy day.

For some reason the tulips have just sung to my heart this springtime. Usually it is the daffodils that sing to me. Yes, they did sing, but it was the tulips that have just made me smile. I think my "live-in gardener" must have put some extra tulips in random spots in our garden this year, because I have found surprises there too. And one of the streets near my house, one of the neighbors must have planted a lot of tulips in the medium of one of the blocks. There are hundreds of tulips showing up all around my neighborhood and I am loving it.

What are you noticing that is singing to your heart this springtime?

Sending love, Marilyn


Jeanie said...

These photos are fabulous, Marilyn, and what a delight to have such a marvelous place fairly close at hand. I do love tulips -- I would grow them but the deer always nab them so I must enjoy others (or those from the grocery! So, I'm sticking with the daffs to plant -- and the tulips to swoon over!

Ginger said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I have a few tulips. Unfortunately the deer ate most of them this year.

Linda P said...

The tulip is a favourite flower in our house. Fields of tulips must be a wonderful sight. Thank you for sharing your colourful photos.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blog

Mary said...

I thought at first you were on a trip to the Netherlands - had no idea there were such awesome tulip fields near you! Absolutely gorgeous - and although I love every color I think I must say those pink ones in the photo above the pink tractor are at the top of my list too.
Hugs, Mary

Red Rose Alley said...

The tulip fields are amazing, Marilyn. You got some great shots of the tulips in all different colors! I love the photos of the rows and rows of tulips, and Yes, it does look like a rainbow! After browsing through them all, I think the bright PINK ones are my favorite. That pink tractor is cool too!


Judy from Sato said...

I love tulips and I had to smile at the PINK TRACTOR ! :)

Lorrie said...

How beautiful those rows of tulips are, like ribbons stretched out on the earth.