Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Alpine Strawberries

Wikipedia: the '''Wild Strawberry''', '''European Strawberry''' and '''Alpine Strawberry''' the latter usually in reference to the cultivated varieties ... Like all strawberries, it is in the family Rosaceae; its fruit is more technically known as an a Fragaria vesca 'Semperflorens'
I tried growing Alpine Strawberries once. I didn't take care of them and they died. Last September I visited a friend and she had a pot of them sitting near her back door. I was re-inspired to try again. In the spring I found a large pot of Alpine Strawberry plants at the Farmer's Market. The strawberries have been sitting by my back door this summer in full sun. They are very happy and have produced many little berries. What a joy to stop by there each day and pick a few, popping them in my mouth. They are very tasty for such a small berry.
The last time I was in Paris several sidewalk produce stands had Alpine Strawberries in little baskets. The berries were placed in neat rows and beautifully displayed. I can't even imagine taking the time to place them so neatly. It takes so many little berries to fill a basket. Only the French would take the effort to display them so beautifully for the market place.
Alpine Strawberries bring me joy to my soul and to my mouth.
My Lord, I loved strawberry jam.
—from "A Confession" by Czeslaw Milosz


Alice said...

Alpine strawberries in a pot--I really like that idea! I like Czeslaw Milosz' poetry too and I'll have to check to see if I have the whole poem to read.

Steph said...

Hello! I just discovered your blog - imagine my delight when I found you had linked to me! Thank you!

Steph said...

Hello! Oh, I didn't realize you were in Oregon! Yeah! Let's e-mail about a possible meeting time -

Marmalady said...

I have these little strawberries growing wild in my garden
I keep thinking I ought to pick them to amke something out of them -- I think they would be lovely set in clear apple jelly --but it takes me so long to pick enough to add to my lunchtime yoghurt that I soon lose interest in the idea of picking larger quantities!