Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Red Roses

Thanks Sheryl! It's beautiful!

Last week I was surprised and thrilled when the postman left me a package with this picture in it. It is a Giclee print, #8 of 50, called Red Roses. The artist happens to be my cousin, Sheryl Knight. I love the red roses, but the added touch of blue in the pitcher and the yellow in the lemon really catches the eye and makes my heart sing. Visit Sheryl's website to see more beautiful art.
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Marmalady said...

what a beautiful picture! you are lucky to have such a talented cousin

Steph said...

It's gorgeous!

Steph said...

I wanted to thank you for meeting today! I had a wonderful time meeting you and feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful tea blogging community!

Rosemary said...

Those roses practically jump out of the picture - they look so real. Your cousin captured them well!

La Tea Dah said...

Red Roses --- an absolutely beautiful painting! You are so fortunate and blessed!

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment about the little teacup and quote. Do you have any ideas as to the 'type' of teacup this might be? It's smaller than a normal one, but not as small as a demitasse cup. I'm puzzled as to it's use. A child's cup, maybe? I took the picture in an antique shop -- and they have a new shipment of many assorted teacups in this size.


Annie said...

How pretty. I enjoyed visiting your cousin's site. What a gift she has.