Thursday, July 10, 2008

The French Art of Tea

Cleaning my house this week I came across The French Art of Tea book. I picked the book up several years ago when having tea at the Mariage Freres in Paris. There are some great quotes and tea history in this book, which I will share from time to time. It is the story of the Mariage Freres French Tea House, which was opened in June 1854 by Henri Mariage and Edouard Mariage. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Paris you must have tea at the Mariage Freres. I plan to have tea there in September and reading through the book I can't wait!
by Henri Mariage
'Tea: a gift from heaven,
a spiritual beverage
for humanity'
'Tea must be deserved; it is demanding.
Every harvest has its own nature, its secrets'
'Tea is a noble beverage.
Preparing it is an art that combines
skill and tradition'
'Tea weds an individual's consciousness;
it is the surest marker of the soul'
'Tea stirs poetic feeling
and inspires gentle reverie'


Rosemary said...

Tea in Paris in September! How exciting! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Alice said...

To have tea at Mariage Freres is one of the dreams of my life. I hope you'll have lots of details about your experience for me to savor.