Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How do we Communicate?

We have so many ways of communicating. What do we want others to know about us? How are we feeling? We can get a message across by the way we stand, move our hands, make facial expressions, or words. We can write words or say words. Recently I have noticed how much I love words. They can say a lot or a little; they can express emotion or just to send a message. Looking around my house I see alot of words. Do you have words in your home? What do they say? Do they show a little about who you are?

Here is the license plate on my CR-V. Can you tell anything about me from this plate? First it shows I live in Oregon. Then there are some letters and numbers. What do they say and what do they say about me? A hint: read each letter and number separately. Thanks to Denise at Uniquely Tea for giving me the idea for my plate. It came from her brother originally and he has the same plate only in a different state. Now there is one more thing that my license plate says about me. Do you see it at the bottom? The frame has a Nike swoosh on it. When I was hired at Nike, each new employee is given a license plate frame.

So just by my license plate on my car you can tell many things about me. Did you figure out the letters and numbers? It says: Any one for tea. I hope you guessed it. It gives me joy each time I see it because tea and sharing tea are special to me.

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Linda said...

I love the license plate! You are right, when I really look at it, it tells a lot about you.