Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bursting with Struggles

Tomatoes from the garden just bursting with the wonderful, juicy flavor of home grown.

I have been struggling with thoughts this past week on who I am and honoring who I am within myself. Do you struggle with those thoughts sometimes? How do you come to resolution about these struggles? Sometimes it just seems like I will burst with the struggles of life. It has been an amazing process in the last few days. When we open ourselves up to struggle with an issue and take note we start noticing things that weren't there before. I had to struggle with being true to myself first by acknowledging differences of opinion between friends. How to deal with that one was not easy and it really tore at my heart. Then who am I as an example to other women. Who I am to my family, and finally who I am to myself. During this time of struggle I viewed the movie Julie and Julia. Watching both women struggle with who they were at that time in their lives really hit home and brought me to tears to understand that we all have our struggles. In the movie Julia says (and I am not quoting exactly) French women don't do anything, that's not me I must do something. Through our struggles to find who we are, we grow. As Julie and Julia struggled; so do I. I hope then I grow.

Christina at Soul Aperature had a list of "I am". I have been working on that list for myself and struggling with some of the words that I have written down. Then Merisa at Getting Back to Basics wanted me to share 7 things about myself, and again I was thinking what is there to share about me. Both women ask me to reveal who I am. It is a little scary to reveal my heart even though I share my delights, that is only a part of me.

Tomorrow I will share my own list of Who I Am and some things about me.


Coleen said...

I can so relate

Heart Hugs,

Steph said...

Yes, me too. I haven't seen the movie but I want to!

Duchess of Tea said...

I read your post twice and I totally relate to it, especially today!! I want to see the movie. I hope we both figure it out soon.

Duchess xx

Christina said...

I AM- wishing we could have seen the movie together, we could have cried on each others shoulders. ; )
Yes, yes and yes! I have been there. Deep sigh, for these times.
Love ya, friend.

Mary said...

Life has a way of throwing a spanner in the works (as we Brits say) every now and then....guess to keep us on our toes!

Today I've had a new health scare but am determined to be strong. If things aren't good I'm hoping my friends will be there for me. I've had to come to grips with the fact that other than my wonderful husband, my children most likely, will not support me. We need our friends even more at this age - and I hope I will continue to be here to offer them help if ever needed.

Hang in there Marilyn - may your personal struggles be resolved and allow you to enjoy each precious day.

When do you leave on your trip?
Warm hugs - Mary.