Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Two requests have come to me lately. One to update regularly on the greenhouse and the other to see how I framed the quilt squares and hung them in my office. First I must comment on the greenhouse. It is my husband's dream to have a greenhouse, a place of quiet meditation. He started it about 4 years ago and each year in our Christmas letter to friends I mention the greenhouse is still in progress. It took some time to find the recycled materials. He found them just laying along the road or in a demolition sight. Yesterday he rebuilt a couple of the windows that will soon go into the greenhouse. It is his labor of love, but a very slow progress. When it is completed I will share again with a slide show of the whole progress.
Now for a place of quiet meditation, we will see. For the most part it will be that,
but I can imagine a party there too.

When I was sharing about quilts I mentioned a dear friend had given me three vintage quilt squares. Here they are now hanging in my office. It looks like the top one has shifted in the frame, I will need to fix that soon. I love them hanging by my desk. Thank you dear friend.


Annie said...

I love picturing the greenhouse in my memory. What a lovely place it will be.

Sweet quilt pieces. I sort of like the cockeyed quilt at the top but I understand that symmetry is good too.

Angela McRae said...

That greenhouse sounds soooo similar to the "writing cottage" that is my dream, especially since DH has talked of scavenging for old windows to build it with. So, I have a special interest in following this project. And the framed quilt squares are so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

parTea lady said...

Your greenhouse looks great and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.

The vintage quilt squares do make a nice spot of color and pattern on your office wall.

Mary said...

What fun to be building a real vintage looking greenhouse.....I'm wishing your hubby good luck with it and hope by the time you write your next Christmas letter you can say......"It's done"!!!!