Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Japanese Tea Ceremony

At the World Tea Expo this year there was an opportunity to participate in a Japanese Tea Ceremony. We were served a tea jelly as a palate cleaner to begin. The Tea Master served each of us individually after he brewed the tea at the end of the table.
The hostess and the Tea Master.
We drank Matcha Green Tea in bowls that were about 100 - 150 years old.

Another very old tea bowl, which I thought was beautiful.
Before the tea ceremony we had to remove jewelry; so that we would not chip the bowls.
Cameras were not allowed in the tea expo; so these were taken on my phone after we were told we could take them here only. Now not being very cell phone technical, I didn't know how to get them off my phone until now. Annie at In My Dreams called me and explained how to share my pictures with you. Thanks so much Annie! I have so much wanted to share the pictures from the Japanese Tea Ceremony.