Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Christmas Digression

Christmas dinner each year is prepared by my adult children in our home.
It is always a theme from a different country.
The theme is a secret until we sit down to the table.
My husband and I just enjoy sitting by the fire as the food is prepared.
I love this tradition, one we have had for over 10 years now.
I am sharing late, as my camera has been in the hospital and I
didn't have access to the pictures.
This year my son and daughter also had the help of "the chef", my daughters boyfriend.
The first course is sitting in the center of the table.
It is Oysters in a Champagne sauce.
It was a French theme
There was a duck pate (Gillettes de Canard)
Lamb chops with Winter Vegetables
Don't they look beautiful?
Oh they were so good, even the vegetables,
and I am not a big vegetable person.
French cheese plate with baguette and sliced pears
Dessert was Bouche de Noel.

Christmas dinner is always a delight and so fun
to have this unusual family tradition.
Does your family have an unusual tradition for the holidays?


Adrienne said...

We always have diced oranges and bananas with a touch of sugar on them for breakfast every Christmas morning. It started during my dear mother's youth in California. During World War Two her mother wanted to add something to breakfast that morning and she didn't have much - except for the orange tree in the back yard and some bananas in her pantry! She started it, her family loved it, my mother carried it on and I picked it up when I was married. It's just not Christmas breakfast with oranges and bananas!! My father made breakfast for me the morning of my wedding. When he asked if there was something special I wanted I said, 'Oranges and bananas!' That's what my maid of honor and I served - breakfast in bed, complete with oranges and bananas. I have pictures to prove it!

Annie said...

I am sooooo hungry. I had coffee this morning. That's it. The tum is yearning for food. This isn't helping. LOL

Relyn said...

What a wonderful dinner you had. And a wonderful, creative tradition. I've never heard of that one before. How did you come up with it? As to our traditions, I don't think we have any that unusual. I guess it's odd that even with a child in the house we all get up, get dressed and made up, and eat a good breakfast before we open gifts. Is that odd?

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

Wow, how cool. We don't do anything that wonderful. Same thing every year, I usually try one new dish every year.

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Marilyn!
The blogging friend you met with today (Adrienne) is a sweet friend of mine for ... well, longer than 21 years! I am sure you both had a great time. (Maybe next time I'll crash the party .. ?)
Betty :)
ps ... I LOVE that both of your pets are named JOEY!!

Cozy Little House said...

This puts my holiday dinners to shame. What a wonderful idea!

Christina said...

this all looks so good... and what a cozy table.

Bernideen said...

What a wonderful meal. Looks so delicious!

Brenda Leyland said...

What a lovely tradition. And how wonderful that your children have taken the helm of Christmas Dinner. What a neat way to celebrate... I love the surprise element.

Jeanne said...

Fabulous indeed
Love you