Thursday, January 28, 2010

Heart to Heart by Earlene Grey

What a perfect thing to do on a very rainy Sunday afternoon.
A book launch for Heart to Heart by Earlene Grey.
Earlene read several poems from her new book.
There were many words about tea, but other special
thoughts too. I thought you might like to read a few here today.

Invitation to Tea

I have dust in the corner
And on top of the table
And under the sideboard too.

There are dishes that need washing,
Clothes that need mending,
And my Mother is sick with the flu.

My hair is mussed and fallen.
My face is red and swollen.
And the cat has missed her box.

I've no treats to share,
There's no money to spare
Our chickens were lost to the fox.

But in spite of all this,
Come have tea at my house.
You'll find rest, though all is amiss.

For we'll sit and be clever,
Drink Nilgiri tea and
Ignore the God-awful mess.

Then there were short teaisms throughout the book:

Take tea. Take a nap. Then conquer the world.

Tea is not the answer to life's problems,
it just helps you cope with them better.

Visit to learn more about her new book.