Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Office or Mess?

Yesterday Tara at Paris Parfait asked us to show the
space we create in. Here it is in all it's
piles of papers.
The east wall has a soft pink book shelf for all the papers
I really need to sort and file.
The chair I am sharing these days with Joey.
My grandfather's desk is on the north wall of this small bedroom.
My typewriter sits on top of another bookshelf with a
letter I have started to a friend.
The south wall has another small desk with my laptop
for bookkeeping and I also use this small table for craft projects.
One of my next projects is hanging on the floor lamp.
Now if I tell you what it is I will have to actually do it.
25 years ago I acquired some beautiful chamois's from the
company I was working for at the time. They were
going to make swim suits out of them, but decided not to do so after some testing.
Well I thought a skirt would be beautiful in them; so I brought some home and hung them in my closet where they have been ever since. My challenge to myself is to finish that skirt this year.
So there now I really must finish it because I know you will be checking on it. Thanks!
Then because there is no place else for the bicycle and exercise equipment
it is in my office too. I do try to use it once in the while. I probably would fit the
skirt better if I exercised more often.
The west wall has the french doors looking
into our backyard. In the morning I can see many
birds and squirrels out at the bird feeders having their
morning breakfast. A very pleasant place to rest the
eyes and enjoy the morning. There is a chain link
fence in the back, then an alley, then our neighbors
wood fence. It is unusual to have an alley like this in
the city. This is something unique to our neighborhood
and I love it. Rarely does a car drive down it, but
on occasion we share a visit over the fence with someone
taking a walk.

I hope you have enjoyed a visit to my office today.
Now it is time for you to share too!
Where do you create?