Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Gift of JOY

Create a simple chain of key tags.
Wrap them around a small tree or plant.
Special messages to a friend on her birthday.

In choosing JOY this year I realized I receive great JOY
in giving. A friend is having a birthday soon, so I took
the key tags and dyed them in a strong cup of black tea, then
found special pictures, words, and other decorations for each of the tags.
It was a fun and simple crafty project.
The tea stain only took about 15-20 minutes and
they dried by the next day, just laid out on a paper towel.

I hope she likes it, but I thought you might like the
simple idea. Another idea would be to just make a paper
chain and wrap it around something special.
Each chain could be a special word or thought.
What is important is the thought and care in giving.
It brings great JOY~