Thursday, June 7, 2012


As we began our travels through Colorado I realized we would
be driving right through Colorado Springs.
A blog I visit from time to time is written by Bernideen
and she has a sweet gift shop in Old Colorado Springs.
I went online, got the address, and just showed up
at the door of her shop when she opened that morning.
How fun to meet Bernideen face to face and see all the
beautiful things there.
The whole neighborhood if full of delightful surprises
and definitely worth a stop.
I love the twinkly lights that greeted us as we walked up
to the front entrance.
Take a look at the ceiling in her shop, it is pure vintage
and gorgeous.
There was so much to look at from a lovely variety of tea,
tee shirts, books, teapots, and gourmet food items.
If you ever find yourself in that part of the world
for sure stop by and say Marilyn sent you.

Here's a link to her blog: