Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Friendly Conversation

It seems like only yesterday that you and I had a conversation while sitting in the sun.
Do you remember the warm sun and how it felt sitting there?
 We dangled our toes just below the surface of the water.
We sang songs to each other.
And we admired each others lovely coloring and the texture of the skin.
Oh you beautiful little friend.
Sitting there with you this particular day brought such joy to my heart.
How I miss our time chatting and soaking in the sun.
We must remember, savor, and thank God for the time we had in that very moment.
I hope you have found other friends to sit and chat with.
Are you still enjoying the sun?
Take care dear friend and savor each moment.
Remember to dangle your toes in the water, tip your head back,
and savor the glow, the warmth, the light of your surroundings.
Have a spectacular day!


La Tea Dah said...


Your friend's little cousin lives under the shutter of our cabin. We look for him every summer and so far he has never failed us. And yes, we even talk to him.

I will remember to savor each moment of today. Thanks for the reminder.

Steph said...


Jeanie said...

Seeing this reminded me of the last time I saw a wee frog. We were at my friend Judy's party for our gang and we listened to many frogs. Soon, we were watching them mate in the pool! Talk about party conversation!

Angela McRae said...