Thursday, June 21, 2012

What's in your Cup?

In the silver bowl is the largest rose I think we have ever picked in our garden.
Yes, that is one rose open wide and enjoying the morning sun.
In my cup is Harney's Titanic tea.
A lovely blend of Keemun, Assam, Ceylon and Oolong.
The Titanic tea blend was created by Harney & Sons
in memory of the launching of the RMS Titanic and its maiden voyage.
5% of the proceeds from the sale of this tea will go to the
Ocean Conservancy and its efforts to preserve one of
Earth's most valuable resources, our oceans.

Sadly, this was my last cup of a lovely tea, a gift from a friend.

What's in your cup today?


Annie said...

I'm having surprise tea this morning. I ran out of coffee and have so many choices. I think I will go look right now.

Adrienne said...

Love your big rose! And a good cup of tea is always the way to enjoy a rose.

Jeanie said...

Is that a Johnson Bros cup? It's similar to my grandmother's china! My cup is filled with Tab. Hmmm. Tea isn't doing it for me in this 90 degree heat!

La Tea Dah said...

Beautiful photo --- lovely rose --- and an exquisite table top! I have not had my tea yet this morning, but I will have my (new) usual green tea in a teacup just like yours! Enjoy a happy and wonderful day!

Angela McRae said...

One rose? Oh my, that is magnificent! And today I am sipping a wonderful Milky Oolong from Whittard of Chelsea.

beth said...

i have a new earl grey tea i'm pretty much in love with....and it's been in my cup for almost a week now :)

anodyne said...

I have some 2012 An Ji Bai Cha. Very nice green indeed. Some of the pine needle shapes leaves descended and did that upright standing in the glass. One of those teas that strikes me as having vegetal as well as that "ting" that's not exactly lemony but does something to brighten the cup. Very smooth, a little nutty and even seems like a light florat twist? very very fragrant when I opened the ziplock bag.

parTea lady said...

What a gorgeous blossom. The Titanic blend sounds delicious.

The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook said...

Hi Marilyn,

Oh, such beauty in a bowl! What a amazing rose. I can't think of a better way to enjoy a special cup of tea while admiring nature.

I have been drink iced coconut milk oolong for several days. Simply tropical!

Thanks for sharing.



Yellow Rose Arbor said...

That beautiful rose is incredible!!

The Titanic tea sounds lovely, wish I could try some! I love H&S teas, I'm using their green teas and herbals, but it's just not the same as good ole black tea! :-(