Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Road

Following the road, you never know where it will take you,
but in the end it takes us home again.
The road trip was a special time of connecting with our own
country and especially connecting with family and friends.
It often takes us from the shadows of life.
It opens into new life views and teaches us life lessons by those that cross our path.
I always say that with each trip I grow and learn more about my world and my heart.
I hope each of you reading my travels have seen something
that touches your heart and you have grown.
As long as I can I intend to keep on traveling and sharing.

The next few days I will be on another short adventure and may
not post your wonderful comments as quickly.
I always love hearing from each of you and hope when I
return to my computer there will be touches of you.

Photo taken near Pueblo, Colorado


La Tea Dah said...

Wonderful thoughts --- great photo! The west simply cannot be beat! The photo makes me wish to be in Pueblo, Colorado at this very moment. :)

Enjoy your adventure today.

Annie said...

Now THAT is a road rarely taken.

Jeanie said...

Following the road is always a treasure of adventures. Happy trails on this one!

relevanttealeaf said...

Have fun on this new road trip! We'll look forward to your posts when you return.

amherstrose said...

Discoveries Await!
Enjoy, Marilyn!

Tea Lover Denise said...

I hope you will take the road less traveled. Lovely post, Marilyn.