Monday, June 25, 2012

Calla Lillies

Growing up in California calla lillies were quite common.
I didn't really like them.
In recent years I have grown to really enjoy their unique beauty.
They just sing to my heart as a trumpeter heralding a new day.
Last year I was given some tubers from my sister's garden in California.
They have thrived in my garden.
No these are not in my garden, but soon very soon my calla lillies
 will shine like the beauties you see here.

Calla Lily Ballad

The 'calla' is exquisite
To peer 'pon with delight.
Its thick-green stem
Is a unique sight.

A favorite, it lends
Its touch to all:
Boutonnière, centerpiece,
Paintings for the wall.

A gorgeous flower,
The calla lily is.
A gorgeous flower,
The calla lily is.

Its beauty—endless—
Is never remiss.
A gorgeous flower,
The calla lily is.

by Walterrean Salley


Annie said...

I have some of my dad's calla lillies that are very old. They have not bloomed for a couple of years. I plan to move them soon and put the remains in a pot and see if they can be nurtured back to good health.

Rosemary said...

Beautiful! My sister carried 3 calla lilies as her wedding bouquet in 1968. Then, at her daughter's wedding a few years ago, she wore a dress that had calla lilies as the pattern. It was a beautiful and subtle remembrance of her own special day, noted by only the closest of family, but so very special in her own mind.

parTea lady said...

That's a lovely photo of my very favorite flower. I haven't been able to grow any in my yard (I'm not much of a gardener).

I made sure that my daughter included calla lilies in her bridal flowers. I've also enjoyed spotting them in so many magazine layouts and books.

Adrienne said...

I never cared for Calla Lillies until recently, either. Over the weekend I bought a yellow Calla. It's so pretty and will add a pop of color to a spot that need some brightening.

S. Etole said...

What a glorious sight. I've only seen them in photos.

La Tea Dah said...

Just lovely! I've grown some --- but they have to be dug up for winter's here --- and I am not very faithful in doing so. I know they will look wonderful in your garden!

Cathy at Wives with Knives said...

Conditions for my calla lilies were perfect this year because they have never been larger or more beautiful. They have always been one of my favorite spring flowers although they remind me of funerals.

Mark said...

As I scrolled first thought was, hmmmm, trumpets!
They are nice.

beth said...

i think they are beautiful and when i see them used in a wedding.....oh my, they are spectacular!!

Jeanne said...

Beautiful indeed my friend.
Flowers are food for our souls.
Love and hugs

Jeanie said...

I've always loved this -- I remember -- I think it was in "Streetcar Named Desire" that they spoke of calla lilies. How lucky you are to have such beauties in your garden!