Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April is Poetry Month

No April Words
There are no words for saying
How wistful is the push
Of April through the budding 
Of a lilac bush.

There are no notes for making
A little elfin air
Of new leaves on a willow;
No phrases to compare.

With tapering blue hyacinths;
The firs white butterfly;
With plum trees misted sudden
Silver on the sky...

One may only listen-
Hand at throat-to rapture
More lyrically lovely
Than any song may capture.

Kitchen Sonnets by Ethel Romig Fuller

Welcome to Poetry Month.
Since I do love poetry, I hope to write 
something along the way just for you. 
In the meantime, poetry comes in many forms.
I believe just walking outside and taking in
the beauty of the day is a form of poetry.
Enjoy each day with JOY in your heart.

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Jeanie said...

Oh Marilyn, this poem is so lovely and I am looking forward to many more from you in this month. And I love the beautiful photo too -- all that yellow makes me smile!

I keep forgetting to tell you how much I love your new banner -- which isn't so new anymore. But it really speaks to me. Lovely.