Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Art of the Block - OMSI

 A day spent with my grandson, D, is a day well spent
and full of great JOY.
 This week we spent several hours playing at OMSI,
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.
We were there for a very specific reason.
The Art of the Block, a Lego art show.
All the art pieces were created by Nathan Sawaya.
Many of the pieces were reproductions of famous art,
such as the Mona Lisa.
 This was spectacular piece of art.
What do you think he was saying?
To me it looked like he was opening himself
up for what was to come.  An open heart?

 A sit down with my favorite little guy,
a chat with the Lego man or is it a woman?
As you can see the dinosaur was large.
 Colorful people grasping the pillars.
 And then D's favorite part,
playing with Legos.
Even adults were playing.
Oh what fun to play for awhile.
 Do you have Lego memories?
I remember my own children playing for hours
with LEGO'S.


Jeanie said...

What a great place! And D looks in his element. I never did legos and don't have a relationship with them. But they are a wonderful growing toy -- really give kids a chance to develop skills and creativity.

Mary said...

That looks like such a fun place to visit - know D loved it.

I didn't have LEGOS - guess they weren't invented that long ago, haha! Do recall the children playing with them though - would find them all over the house!

Hugs - Mary