Monday, April 10, 2017

Walk with Me - The Pioneer Orchard

 Now this walk was pushing at spring a little too early,
but I can't wait and I had to see if there were signs for apple blossoms
in my favorite orchard.
So Saturday I found myself on Sauvie Island looking for blossoms.
 For those of you that personally know me, 
you know apple blossoms touch my heart.
But as you see, all I found were the very early signs of a few 
newborn leaves.
 The branches were covered by lichens and interesting moss,
but no blossoms to be found.
 This was the closest I could find as I walked through
the muddy orchard.
I think I must go back in about two weeks
and see the blush on new apple blossoms in this amazing orchard.

Come with me and we can walk right here
searching for apple blossoms in the spring time of Oregon.
We can bring a picnic the next time
and hope for a sunny day under the blossoms.

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