Monday, April 17, 2017

Walk with Me - Searching for Birds

 There wasn't much walking this past week,
but only a quick stop to stroll a bit searching for birds.
One of my favorite bird watching stops took me
to Sauvie Island again.
 I found these two beauties in flight and it touched my heart.
Do you see both of them?
 Can you see this one.  He blends in with the colors of the ground.
There was so much water all around.
He is a Great Blue Heron.

 I loved the formations in flight and the chatter of their voices.
My heart does sing at the beauty of nature,
of wild life and trees,
of flowers and sunshine or clouds.
What a beautiful world around us,
if we only stop for a moment to notice.


Jeanie said...

No wonder I haven't seen Harry yet -- he's hanging out in your neck of the woods!

A wonderful walk and what a beautiful place to explore on your walk. Lovely, Marilyn!

Mary said...

Such a lovely area to take a walk - I can just see the mountains in the distance. I love watching herons fly.
I've been off my stride the past couple of weeks and already feel bad - I'm hoping it will cool off this week and I'll feel more like walking!

Happy week dear - Mary x

Tracy said...

Soooo lovely... As bird song is extra at the moment, it is so easy for one's own heart to sing along with them... Ah, spring! :) ((HUGS))