Monday, April 3, 2017

Walk with Me - Tilikum Crossing

 Tilikum Crossing is a fairly new bridge in Portland
for pedestrians, bicyclists, and rail travel.
No cars come on this bridge.
Since it's opening I had wanted to walk across it
and then along the river.
 Last week a friend wanted to walk with me,
so we enjoyed a day without much rain
walking across the Willamette River.
 It was thoroughly enjoyed
and the perfect way to catch up on visiting 
with a friend.
  After bidding my friend goodbye,
I walked further along the river.
 The views of downtown Portland
were beautiful.
 Spring is definitely in the air.

 The statue is of Vera Katz, a former mayor of Portland.

 Where are you walking this week?
Are you having opportunity to get outdoors
and enjoy the day, the weather, and the season?


Jeanie said...

Well, I like that! What a wonderful idea -- a pedestrian bridge. None of those here, I fear. That makes for a great walk.

I walked the ditch yesterday -- hoping to find Harry. No luck, but a Mama Goose is sitting on her nest!

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

It looks lovely Marilyn! I loved seeing the rowers too. They're a regular sight on our waters too!
Not walking at the mo but I will be in Aussie - I'll think of you and take some photos too!
Shane x

Tracy said...

Oh, I like this--a bridge with cars allowed! Much nicer for walkers and cyclists! And what a lovely walk on a lovely spring day! That stature of your former mayor is a lot of fun--looks like you could go right up and talk to her--haha! Spring is in hiding at the moment here. No snow, thankfully--LOL! But it's very chilly again, and windy. Walks have been very local. But we're looking forward to when some warmer days arrive and take some walks further afield. Happy Days, Marilyn ((HUGS))

Linda P said...

Thank you for the walk across the bridge and along by the river. There are some good views and places to sit. I'm sure the former mayor was an interesting person.

Jean | said...

Marilyn, how beautiful! I would love to put on my hooded raincoat and walk across the bridge on a rainy day!

Adrienne said...

We are traveling and I've had such intermittent consistent internet access that I've not been able to check in for a while. We've been walking on the Sonoran Desert of Arizona but your photos made me long to walk along the river when we return home in a few weeks. I need to experience the new bridge and the river walk!