Thursday, April 20, 2017

My Happy Place

Recently a friend mentioned having a "happy place".
I had already been thinking this was my "happy place".
When I need beauty, peacefulness, and a place to take pictures,
I go here, Monticello Antique Mall.

When they have a seasonal show, it just makes me smile.
Oh the whimsy of the vendors.
It always tickles me to see what is collectable now
or what delights others.
Occasionally I find something I can't live without,
but mostly I just love being surrounded in all this beauty and whimsy.

Wouldn't this dress be fun to wear to tea or a party?
Oh if I only had a waist.
And this bicycle reminds me of my first one
and learning to ride.
I could imagine sitting here with my cup of tea.
Would you care to join me?
Yes, it was time for Spring and Easter celebrating too.
Now how did they make those lovely bouquets?

Do you have a happy place?
A place to escape for a time and surround yourself with beauty?


Janet Eiffel said...

Love the pictures.
Antique malls take me back to a childhood happy place.
I always see things that remind me of my grandmother
(who raised me from 18 months thru high school).
Lately it is very difficult to find a happy place.
I'm not able to explore much anymore,
now I am a full time caregiver.
My husband is on a rapid downward path with Alzheimer's.

Most of my happy moments are found in my garden
where I go to be quiet and alone, look at pretty things
and have a cup of tea in the sun shine.

Thank you for sharing your happy places.

Cheryl said...

Marilyn, we must be kindred spirits. Monticello has been my happy place for so many years. I live very close so it is always a fun diversion to pop in for a visit.

Two Cottages And Tea said...

I love your happy place! We don't have a antique mall where I live so I have to say my flower garden is my happy place! Fun post!

Tracy said...

Wowzah... that IS a HAPPY PLACE! I could happily live there--LOL! ;) We need happy places don't we? And more than one too, as it's nice with a few happy places that offer refreshment for the senses, the spirit... Apart from home and church, one of my happy places is probably the sea, which is close to us. Can't beat a day at the beach! ((HUGS))

Louise-Arden said...

Such a pretty shop !

Lorrie said...

I've never thought of an antique mall as a happy place, but I can see that it might just be one. So many pretty things. My happy place is outdoors, by the water or in a garden, of which there are many choices. Or a library. Or my chair, with a good book and a cup of tea.

Jeanie said...

I can see why this is your happy place. I could fall in there and be content for hours on end! So beautiful. (Dangerous, too! Lots of temptation!)

You KNOW my happy place!