Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The August Break 2014 - line

 There are lines in structures.
 But the line that came to my mind was a line I am familiar with every week
when I do the laundry.
The clothes line.
Once the clothes or in this case a large sheet is put there,
it is no longer a straight line.
It curves and sways with the breeze.
Almost every week my sheets are hung to dry right here on this line.
What line comes first and foremost to your mind?


Steph said...

Lines dividing me from cars when I ride my bike. So grateful for those lines and the car drivers that are careful about them!

Tracy said...

So many BEAUTIFUL lines! This was a fun prompt, wasn't it? Lines are everywhere when we stop to look. But when I think of lines, I do think of the Cross. :o) Happy Day, Marilyn ((HUGS))